Where did you wake up today?

Mohammad Fahmi
1 min readDec 22, 2019


Sunday morning 9 am
All by himself
He woke up in his room

Last night was okay
Another night where he met people
A normal weekend before the lazy afternoon

Sunday morning 10 am
She woke up next to someone she just met last night
It was a room in an apartment new to her

Last night was great
Another night where she met new people
An escape she enjoyed but starting to ponder

Sunday morning 6 am
He woke up inside his car
With sweat and messy shirt

Last night was wild
Another night where he lost himself to so many unknown people
A habit that always help him to feel like a total shit

Sunday afternoon 1 pm
She woke up in her apartment
With a refreshed mind approaching the late weekend

Last night was tiring
A midnight Saturday shift is always like this
Full of kings and queens that asked to keep your knees bend

That’s just how Sunday works
It wakes people up in different places at different times
It’s the time where some of us wake up early to pray
Or woke up late in an unknown place after we play

It scares people of the idea of the busy Monday
It keeps family bond from falling apart through simple moment of time

How was this Sunday for you?



Mohammad Fahmi

A boy trying to find himself and the others through words.