The Death Drives

The Death drives, but sometimes he commutes.

When that happens, you will know for sure, because his presence will be available for everyone to see all over the news.

But still, mostly, Death drives.

I realized this fact after returning from the long trip to Tokyo I took recently. As usual, I drive to work everyday, thanks to the unreliable public transportation here. During the stressful daily activities, I noticed that everyday, my life is always on the line. No, not on the line as in “we will eventually die and we don’t know when” thing. But on the line as in we are in a war between each other. We are in a war between pedestrians, motorcycles, cars, and everything on the road. And during all of that, The Death is driving, or sitting next to us in the car.

Ever since realizing this fact, I started to drive more carefully. I drive as if my parents are sitting next to me and telling me to drive slower. Because I know, Death does not like reckless driving, and not as forgiving as my parents.

Originally published at fahmitsu.



A boy trying to find himself and the others through words.

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