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Messy poetries for the lost Baileys


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The day was noisy
And the sky was sunny
These injuries didn’t make things easy
Such a cruel fate for me, a feline baby

But then, one of them approached me
Took me to a place I consider dreamy
They welcomed me even though I was a nobody
Gave me shelter for the mere price of a company


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Today I learnt some new facts
Their old guardian came back tracing back his tracks
I wasn’t their first and was just a substitute
And he looked at me as if I was a prostitute

Living with giants and higher beings were not hard
Living with somebody similar, that’s life’s toughest art
We fought and looked each other with disgust
Until finally we made a bond of an unseen trust


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She came in famine
Oh poor feline

Hiding her immense beauty
No thanks to something dirty

They locked her up in a cage
Afraid of her diseases spread in rage

It took her a while to heal
But it took her nothing to make me feel


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For some times, everything feels like a long endless dream
When that happens, always remember to be ready for the stream
For nothing last forever
Be prepared for when it’s over

There were three of us, living like a perfect family
But it only took one storm, just a rain that was so heavy
She never went home
And that scars me to the bone


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Years passed us by
New Gods and new cats came by
But I was never the same again
For that my heart was washed by the rain

They sent me somewhere
They considered it was a necessary care
On my way, the chariot fell
Leaving me scared, and ran leaving the trace of my tail

It’s not home, once again I’m nobody
The sky was not sunny
Everything was … THEY ARE TOO NOISY!
Once again I’m nobody, once again I’m lonely

Written by

A boy trying to find himself and the others through words.

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