A stray boy and a lonely cat

Midnight, the boy arrived at his home. The sound of the ticking engine filled the dark empty garage, followed by the noise of the rusty metal door closed forcefully.

He left the garage, and there she is, waiting for him coming back home. She always waits in the same spot, around the same time. The boy smiled when he saw her.

“Meeeoooooowwww!!!” the cat called the boy, demanding the treatment she always received from him every night, in the same spot, around the same time.

“Hehehe, you’ve been waiting for me, don’t you? Here, here,” said the boy to the cat while stroking her fur. The cat purred loudly and somehow can’t stand still. She ran around the boy, stand on two feet, making noises, and many other things while enjoying their daily routine.

Until suddenly, the boy decided that their interaction is enough for today. He stopped the stroke, left her, and closed the door. The cat understood that their time for the day was up. They returned to their own life.

The boy did not give the cat something to eat, and the cat did not sleep next to him to help him relax. For she was not his, and he was not her.



A boy trying to find himself and the others through words.

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